We work in collaboration with your primary care physician. We make house calls for patients who are moving from one stage of medical care to the next.
Some patients find it difficult to see their doctors on a daily basis. In certain cases, the patient may have recently fallen, aggravated an existing condition, or undergone surgery that makes walking difficult. In these cases, we work with a patient’s conventional physician’s office to manage treatment by assisting patients who are unable to visit the office.
We form a relationship with the patient’s primary care physician. To prevent needless re-hospitalization or exacerbation of an illness, we visit the patient in their own home. We move the patient back to their regular physician until their health improves to the point that they can make it to the office. DMV Medical Concierge, in collaboration with the patient’s primary care provider, develops and sends a transition plan to the patient’s primary care provider, which covers all visit documentation and drug changes.

DMV Medical Concierge works to reduce the risk of re-hospitalization by delivering transitional care to high-risk patients.

Patients that need high-level critical healthcare management for an extended period of time will benefit from the services of DMV Medical Concierge.