What a House Call MD Can Offer in Pandemic Days?

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Heading for urgent care or hospital emergency for a fever, a bad wound, or any other immediate medical need has rapidly changed, as people are advised to follow social distancing in an effort to reduce Coronavirus exposure. So, What a House Call MD Can Offer in Pandemic Days?

Delivery Services via House Call MD

Getting emergency medical treatment for illnesses and injuries caused during the pandemic situation can be problematic nowadays. If you’re reluctant to leave your home, having acute medical treatment delivered to your residence is the best choice. By a House Call MD service, you will be provided with cutting-edge technology as emergency teams will come to your home with sterile equipment and protective clothing. In today’s world, where avoiding crowded settings and restricting your exposure to others—especially those who have been sick—is recommended, this alternative to conventional, facility-based urgent care is ideal.

It’s Easy to Request Help

Even in a pandemic, visits are simple to request through a House Call MD. When a house call is requested, you will be provided with a screening process that ensures that you or a loved one receives the treatment they need as soon as possible. Within a few hours of receiving your call, medical teams will arrive at your site. A physician assistant or nurse practitioner, as well as a medical technician, make up each team. The medical kit that will be carried on site will include the majority of the equipment and technology used in an ER, enabling team members to conduct a range of advanced medical tests and treatments. In short, you can receive procedures as comprehensive and efficient as possible, particularly during this stressful period, to keep you and your loved ones safe.

What Can You Expect For Your Safety?

Extensive procedures will be placed to ensure that medical teams handle patients with the utmost care. Medical staff will put on surgical masks, gloves, and protective eyewear. They will wear N95 respirator masks, gowns, and shoe covers for patients with respiratory and/or COVID-19 symptoms. Furthermore, medical teams adhere to stringent procedures when entering and leaving patient homes and when disposing of products used during patient care.

Final Thoughts

While the emphasis has shifted due to the pandemic, some are questioning if it’s still safe to make the medical visit. Now, thanks to modern high-tech scheduling methods, some patients will see their health professionals without ever leaving their homes. In times like these, when the pandemic is spreading, if you need to see a doctor but wouldn’t want to go into a clinic where germs are more capable of spreading, a House Call MD will help.

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