Do I meet the criteria for House Call Visits?
A physician house call is most likely protected by your benefits if you are homebound or have physical disabilities that make it impossible to get to a doctor’s office.

What kind of protection do you take?

Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, and a variety of other private insurance policies are all accepted. We also welcome patients who pay privately.

Is my insurance going to cover a physician’s house call?

Yes, medicare, medicaid, tricare, and most other health insurances protect our physician house call service. However, you will also be required to pay the applicable co-pay and deductible rates under the current insurance policies. The co-pay can be covered by certain secondary insurance plans. At the time of registration, we demand a form of C0-payment from all patients or financially responsible parties. Co-payments are similar to the premiums charged by a doctor’s office. There are no extra charges for house calls. To learn more about your individual insurance plan, please contact our office.

What is the procedure for making an appointment?

You can reach us by phone at (571) 484 4000, or by email at info@dmvmedicalconcierge.com.

What do I do to brace for a doctor’s appointment?

Please bring all prescriptions, as well as any papers left over from previous health providers or any recent hospital stays, to our medical professionals for review. There is no need to sweep the house or put on makeup.

Do you make visits on the weekends?

Yes, we do make Saturday visits, but only upon request.