Your medical treatment is coordinated by us.

DMV Medical Concierge coordinates patient treatment with other health care services by acting as a primary care physician. We work hard to reduce the number of unwanted visits to the ER and the hospital.

We work to improve the health of homebound and geriatric patients through routine physician visits, drug management, and care planning.

We partner with senior living communities and assisted living facilities. A large number of patients in assisted living and independent living facilities need a wide range of medical services. These services are given to patients within the facility by DMV Medical Concierge.

Patients and seniors would be happier and need less unnecessary hospital and emergency room visits if they use our high-quality senior care services. Our aim is to collaborate with the facility management care team in advance to avoid emergency situations and provide high-quality care.

Services we help coordinate:

Diagnostic testing
Durable medical equipment
Home health
Laboratory services
Referrals to needed specialists