house call physician

There are various advantages to having medical visits in the convenience of one’s own home. It fully eliminates the hassles of scheduling, coordinating transportation, and dealing with infections in waiting rooms. Patients also benefit from a more personalized experience because the practitioner visiting them at home may give them more concentrated attention and observe them in their normal environment. Medical home care could be used for everything including preventive care to managing complex physical ailments, and they can be performed by a variety of medical specialists, including general practitioners, physiotherapists, clinical psychologists, and others. So, here are some benefits that you can reap while hiring a house call physician.

Better Treatment

In comparison to walk-in office visits, healthcare facilities, and primary care clinics, house calls are usually less rushed. When a doctor comes to your house, he has more time to perform a thorough medical examination, discuss issues, and address your specific problems. Since you are their sole patient, they are less interrupted, and you will have their complete concentration. They can talk about things that aren’t related to your emergency need for house calls; in an office environment, a doctor is only compensated to treat one worry at a time, so you’ll have to schedule an additional appointment if you’d like to talk about something that isn’t relevant to why you walked in that day.

The Infectious Factor

Many older patients are fragile and may have reduced immune systems. This means that a home visit will be a far better choice for them rather than a visit to the doctor’s office. In a doctor’s office, you are subjected to a multitude of airborne infections in a confined space. You have no idea if the individual sitting next to you is infected with a virus or communicable diseases. You are only subjected to your very own germs in your residence, something your body is used to. Moreover, patients who live a long distance from a hospital or health facility can also obtain routine care through home call care. If you are looking for “doctors who make house calls near me,” DMV Medical Concierge is here to facilitate you.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

The most important element to consider while making this decision is that in order to evaluate different aspects, you must take into account urgent/acute conditions. If you do not have accessibility to a house call physician, and you call your clinic practitioner in an urgent circumstance, you will be recommended to visit the urgent care or intensive care. As a consequence, you may probably have to pay more out of budget for hospitalization or intensive care visit than a home visit appointment. Furthermore, you can save time, money, and tension by not having to worry about driving there, waiting in the queue, or having close relatives take some time off work or disregard other responsibilities.


The situation of healthcare is always evolving; however, the rising availability of house calls is encouraging and indicates a future trend towards more and more patient-centered treatment. Frequent house calls from primary care physicians who focus on routine healthcare could help your beloved stay healthy and prevent severe medical problems that lead to repeated hospitalizations. DMV Medical Concierge is a physician-led service that provides local healthcare care to people in their homes as well as other locations. We have the skills and experience to address both common and significant health problems as specialists in addressing the needs of bedridden patients.
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