In the privacy and comfort of home—where the majority of clients and families prefer to be—private duty nursing offers the same high level of long-term, comprehensive health care as a live-in facility or hospital. A private duty nurse, also referred to as a trained nurse, can offer care day or night, assist with physical and emotional requirements, dispense medications, watch over a client’s health, and convey any changes for immediate intervention as necessary.

What does a nurse on private duty do?
A private duty nurse offers personalized, one-on-one medical treatment according to the client’s unique needs and pre-established health care plan. For clients with significant medical needs at home, these highly skilled nurses are trained to carry out treatment plans and clinical interventions prescribed by doctors, such as:

    • ostomy and catheter care
    • care for a gastrostomy (feeding tube)
    • administration of drugs and injections
    • Care for nasogastric (N-G) tubes
    • oxygen control
    • Treatments for the lungs
    • seizure control
    • Tracheostomy support
    • Care for ventilators

What occurs during a visit from a qualified nurse?
Individuals with continuous medical needs as a result of chronic disease, accident, or disability get at-home nursing care from qualified private duty nurses. They support the training family caregivers have already received at a hospital by providing therapies, monitoring vital signs, helping to manage chronic diseases, educating family members, and monitoring vital signs. With a one-on-one focus on health promotion, preventing complications, and rapidly diagnosing and treating symptoms that could lead to hospitalization, skilled nursing visits are very comparable to the medical treatment a client would receive in a hospital or live-in facility.

When should you think about receiving nursing care?
There are many reasons why someone could require competent nursing or private duty services. You or a loved one must have medical requirements that call for a doctor to prescribe these nursing care, regardless of age, in order to be eligible. If you’re unsure whether you or a loved one is eligible

Various medical disorders can benefit from private duty nursing, for instance:

  • ALS
  • birth trauma
  • a congenital illness
  • failing to flourish
  • skeletal dystrophy (MS)
  • SMA, or spinal muscular atrophy?
  • spinal cord damage (SCI)
  • harm to the brain from trauma (TBI)